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Whether you’re looking for a Club or Mobile DJ, Phat Beat 4U offers music alternatives to the usual Top 40 and Standard Classics. If you enjoy the sound and lights of the urban dance club we can provide the sound and lighting to bring the club to you. If you’re looking for something more sophisticated we can provide custom music sets to not only provide dance music but to also enhance the audio experience of your clients, customers, family and friends.

Our focus is on music and atmosphere whether it’s an evening of Deep House, a Sun Downer or Chilled set during brunch, lunch, dinner or a rave with a banging night of EDM (Electronic Dance Music) we can provide great musical entertainment for groups that are large or small. We believe that the music is the most important aspect of what we provide and that’s our focus; great beats, flowing energy, mixes that blend music seamlessly to move the hips and feet.

We love great dance music and want to share that love with you.




Clubs & Bars –
Dance Music… Deep House, House, Electro, Minimal Techno, Trance… EDM to move the feet. Let us turn you on to the types of music mixes that have people dancing and moving around the planet.

Restaurants & Cafes –
Sundowner and Chilled sets are a laid back alternative to the usual static recorded dinner music. Add something new and different to enhance the mood and the dining experience of your clients and customers.

Parties and Dances –
From mixers to celebrations and dances we would love to entertain you and your guests with sets to add relaxation or infectious beats that will keep people moving day or night.

Community, Corporate, Private Events and Functions –
Whether it’s an office party, a fashion show or a store opening let us help with giving the event the look, sound and feel that you desire… up beat or down tempo we’d be glad to help you make an unforgettable experience and a positive impression for you and everyone that attends.




Phat Beat 4U is able to supply everything that you need to make your venue sound great and look amazing through the use of modern sound and lighting equipment. With today’s technology we can provide big sound and bright lighting that doesn’t require a large amount of space or power consumption thanks to powered speaker systems and LED lighting. Whether your venue is a bar, club, gym, office, restaurant or home we can customize the sound and light setup to fit your needs and fill the space with music, lights and dancing feet.




Please contact us, so that we can provide information, answers to any questions that you might have and to start the booking process. We would be pleased to provide you with great entertainment for your next activity, celebration, dance, event or function



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